CPV15S, by AirTac, is a manifold composed of CPV15, 3/2 normally closed solenoid valves, with max. 20 stations connected in series (2,4,6,…,20) . When odd number of valves are used, a cover plate can be mounted on the vacant position. The manifold has common exhausts with 1/8”(G,PT) port size for P (inlet) and R (exhaust), and ø4 push-in fittings for port A (outlet); for British standard,1/8” NPT thread for port P, R and 1/16” for port A are available as well.
A 25-pin D-sub connector isused for signal input. Two kinds of rated voltage selections including DC12V and DC 24V are prepared with 1.6W power consumption for each coil. The CPV15S has manual override and LEDs on each valve and is dust proof.