Lubrication for machine tools

Machine tools are complex machining systems that require perfect and constant lubrication to reduce friction, component wear and maintenance costs.
DropsA, a benchmark in the field of centralized lubrication, designs a wide range of solutions for grease and oil lubrication for machine tools, with the aim of maximizing efficiency and reliability and eliminate downtime that would adversely affect production.
Oil lubrication involves the creation of a thin film of oil between the moving parts, which is renewed at regular intervals. The DropsA system being used is the single-line system with 33V dosing valves, which allow the necessary amount of oil to be constantly supplied regardless of viscosity, to reduce friction and overheating of components that work at high operating speeds such as ball bearings, seals and profiled guides.
Thanks to the use of progressive dispensers, grease lubrication systems make it possible to deliver a precise amount of grease at high pressures at every point of the system, and are used for the lubrication of bearing support screws, profile rails and seals that are placed in parts of the machinery where they operate at lower speed and therefore require a dense lubricant. Both types of solutions are specific for the lubrication of the components that are most involved during the use of machine tools and, thanks to their versatility, are able to meet several requirements coming from customers.