Logistics and Handling: a Growing Segment

According to data provided by AISEM, for the segment of material handling and logistics the year 2018 ended with figures on the increase, both in terms of production and exports. Investments also were definitely positive, with double-digit percentage increases in some sectors. Even for the current year growth is foreseen, albeit more moderate, while employment levels are characterized by an overall stability.

by Alma Castiglioni

Within the framework of lifting and handling systems, the industrial world represented by AISEM, the association which is part of the ANIMA federation, three main product families may be distinguished: lifting and handling plants and equipment; self-propelled industrial trucks and industrial shelves. By providing economic data for each category, it will be possible to get an idea of the overall trend for this segment.

Lifting and transport machinery and equipment
This family includes such products as pulleys and hoists, lifts and jacks, capstans and winches, cranes of all sorts (bridge cranes, mobile cranes, harbor cranes etc., except tower cranes), ropeways, cableways, chairlifts, mechanical transporters with continuous action excluding those operated using cables, and finally all sorts of buckets.
The segment ended the year 2018 with a datum which outlines the growth of the value of production (+3.8%). Even for 2019 a positive datum is expected, with a growth which should settle down at around +1.6%.
Even exports grew in 2018 (+2.8%) and it is foreseen that they might grow further (+2%) during 2019. Main markets remain European countries as well as the United States and China (with increasingly relevant shares).
Job levels increased slightly (+0.2% in 2018, and even in this case, a further slight growth is envisaged even for 2019).
Investments grew remarkably in 2018 (+11.5%), and an increase is expected (+4.8%) even in the course of 2019.

Self-propelled industrial trucks
A plus sign was recorded even by the industrial truck segment, which includes electric works trucks for material transportation with or without a load lifting device. The segment ended in 2018 with a growth of the production value (+2.8%) and for the current year a further growth is envisaged, albeit more moderate. Exports, largely meant for European markets, grew in 2018 (+7.9%) and for 2019 a further growth is envisaged (1.8%).
Employment levels in 2018 were basically unchanged with respect to the previous year, and, according to expectations they should increase slightly in 2019.
Even in this case investments increased remarkably (+8.4%) and a more moderate increase (+3.9%) is envisaged even in the course of 2019.

Industrial shelves
Let us conclude with the industrial shelves sector. In 2018 the sector recorded a
marked increase in the value of production (+5.6%) and, according to forecasts, during 2019 this growth should continue, although it will be lower than during the previous
year (+2%). Exports in 2018 turned out to be on the increase (+5.2) and a further increase (2.5%) is envisaged during 2019. Employment is slightly on the increase (+0.1%) and should be stable during 2019, while investments considerably increased during 2018 (+10.2%) and an increase (+2,8%) is envisaged even during 2018.