Linear Motion: Three Successful Case Studies

At SPS IPC DRIVES Italia, Mondial will present three successful case studies realised with linear motion components: a 3D printer, a laser sheet metal cutting machine and an assembly machine. Besides, relevant innovations of the main product lines will be showcased.

by Alma Castiglioni

At the SPS IPC DRIVE Italia trade show in Parma the Mondial Group will showcase thee real-life application examples of linear motion, which will cover the three theme areas of the stand.
In the first area, dedicated to Components, a 3D printer for industrial prototyping by Gimax3D is on show. A pioneer in Italy as regards 3D printing using FFF (Fusion Filament Fabrication) technology, Gimax3D equips its machines with guides, pads, recirculating bearing nuts and screws by THK, distributed by the Mondial Group. This choice was determined by the need of obtaining high performances without vibrations, helping to obtain the highest process quality and precision. The choice of using THK components was recommended by the necessity of obtaining excellent performances, both at high and low speeds, eliminating vibrations which could damage the quality and the final result of the printing.
In the Linear Module area there is a metal laser cutting machine by Cutlite Penta. This is an entry level machine which has been fitted with linear engine modules supplied by Mondial. The close cooperation between the technicians of the Tuscan company and Mondial identified the MLM7N series of linear engine modules as the ideal ones for this type of application. This complete transportation and positioning unit is supplied as a critical element of linear handling for precision applications.
Finally, in the Mechatronic systems area, the Flexim Open Automation Platform assembly station by Smartfactory is on show. This is a modular production platform enabling the handling, assembly and machining of different products. Here the traditional rotating table is replaced by the Beckhoff XTS system, a key element to obtain flexibility. An essential part of the XTS transportation system is the circular guide manufactured by Hepco Motion and distributed on the Italian market exclusively by Mondial.
The Hepco drive system with double cusp geometry envisages the use of independent carriages supported by V-shaped steel wheels with double ball bearings. The Hepco guide is therefore the only system allowing the performances of Beckhoff’s XTS system to be fully exploited. The guide also includes an integrated lubrication system which makes maintenance of all elements subject to wear much easier, so that their working life can reach a span which is completely unthinkable with other solutions.

Other products showcased at the fair
To complete the products described above, Mondial will also showcase its families of linear modules, couplings, clamping instruments and springs, as well as special bearings and Apex Dynamics gears. Particularly, the range of “MLM series” modules offers can satisfy various application demands, such as, speed, positioning precision and load capacity. Each type has unique features making it ideal for specific applications. From units dedicated to long strokes or ideal for applications where convenience is essential, to modules fit for vertical mounting, to very compact versions, to high precision and performance units such as those for high dynamics, to heavy-duty applications. In the bearings field, Mondial will showcase Unitec’s RTB model with absolute encoder. This bearing stands out on account of the real-time acquisition of the absolute position, the reading head with integrated electronics and the possibility of integrating with different interfaces. RTB ABS fits into the range of axial-radial roller bearings, for RTB indexing tables which include RTB AMS versions, with built-in inductive encoder and RTB HS for high rotation speeds.