Lightweight multi-stage ejector

SMC has renewed its multi-stage ejector range with the ZL112A model to meet the weight reduction requirements of the growing use of robotics. The new model, compact and light in design but great in terms of suction power, is featured by high efficiency.
The 3-stage diffuser construction of the ZL112A model offers a 250% higher suction capacity than a single-stage model.
Despite its high suction capacity, the ZL112A is lightweight and, depending on the version, can weigh as little as 180 g. Thanks to its compact design, the load on the moving parts of industrial robots is reduced and the machines can be resized, as the components for the multi-stage ejector, such as the 3-stage diffuser, the digital vacuum switch, the vacuum supply and break valves, the filter and the silencer, can be integrated into a single unit.
No more tools are needed to replace the silencer and filter, thus reducing maintenance as well as inspection time.