Level indicators for marine, food and chemical applications

F.lli Giacomello introduces its IEG-GCL level indicators for a continuous signaling, also in the AISI 316 variant, able to be used in a marine environment, and in the food and chemical industries.
The IEG-GCL are formed by a chain reed-resistors, which allows an exact and constant fluid level, independently from its electrical conductivity, pressure, temperature and by the presence in it of foams. These level indicators have a simple structure, because the only moving part is the float that, depending on the flow or flow out of the liquid, running along the tube. Inside the float is placed a toroidal magnet, whose field drives, without physical contact, small reed contacts placed inside the sliding tube.
The actuation of such contacts allows the gradual arming or disarming of the resistances, placed also inside the sliding tube, allowing the continuous reading of the liquid level.
The resistive signal thus generated can be used directly to devices that accept input so structured, or through a Ohm-4/20mA converter, able to drive most of the electronic devices on the market.