Lean Connectivity Enables Faster Time-to-Market

Eaton is innovating Pietro Carnaghi’s manufacturing processes by implementing its SmartWire-DT® technology and electro-hydraulic synergy. The project brought greater reliability and drastic reduction of machine manufacturing, thus impacting on delivery times.

by Alma Castiglioni

Pietro Carnaghi, a historical manufacturer of high performance machine tools, such as large vertical lathes, milling machines and Gantry systems, has chosen Eaton to develop an innovative electro-hydraulic synergy project with the aim of improving the performance of the hydraulic system, reducing costs and the time for diagnosis and intervention, key elements to support the competitiveness of the business.
Through the implementation of the SmartWire-DT solution and thanks to the electro-hydraulic synergy developed for the entire fleet of machines, the company has innovated the traditional production process – now particularly competitive – with considerable benefits.

The challenge: faster assembling and commissioning times
The two companies have been working together for almost 40 years. Recently Pietro Carnaghi turned to Eaton to accelerate the process of assembling the machines and commissioning the hydraulic power units, which previously required a long wiring process and verification, consequently impacting the delivery times of the machines. Eaton developed a smart and revolutionary solution with the aim of improving the performance of the hydraulic system, reducing the costs and time of diagnosis and intervention. The ability to realize electro-hydraulic synergies resulting from the experience and leadership gained in both sectors, was a key factor for Petro Carnaghi.

The solution: improved reliability and remote diagnostics
Eaton has chosen to implement the apply its SmartWire-DT technology. SmartWire-DT enables Lean Connectivity solutions, which reduce the time for engineering, wiring, testing and commissioning ensuring an ideal communication solution.
The SmartWire-DT technology applied to Hydraulic Power Units is a typical example of electro-hydraulic synergy, a distinctive element of Eaton’s expertise. Thanks to the implementation of the SmartWire-DT solution outside of the electrical panel, Pietro Carnaghi now uses a solution that also benefits from the full range of diagnostic features of SmartWire-DT, making it possible to identify errors in a simpler and efficient way thanks to LED signalling and, above all, drastically reduces troubleshooting time. The whole Hydraulic Power Unit now has the capability to provide additional diagnostic and status information to the main machine PLC through a standard fieldbus, enabling remote access interrogation from anywhere in the world. The adoption of SmartWire-DT has brought several advantages: from faster and less invasive wiring, with a 75% reduction in space and space, which also facilitates the sharing of more information and the detection of errors and problems, to better remote diagnostics.
This technology has allowed Pietro Carnaghi to move from a traditional production process to an innovative and very competitive one. Machine construction times have been optimized and even test times have been halved. In addition, the company is structuring a global service department, a service enabled by SmartWire-DT that allows you to immediately identify the type of intervention needed and understand how to proceed. Today it is able to perform remote diagnostics in any situation. By managing a globally active business, this is a strategic element that has allowed us to reduce interventions by 60%, with significant economic repercussions.