Gabriele Ghirelli
Managing Board / Assiot

The Mechatronics District of Puglia: the Role of the Authorities

Taking into consideration the struggles of Southern Italy’s economy, which has barely benefited from growth seen elsewhere in Italy over recent years, the performance of Puglia’s mechatronics district, which has not only equalled, but out-performed national figures, with exports up by 15% in 2017, is well worth further investigation. Learn More

Domenico Di Monte
President / Assofluid

The Importance of Deciding... in a Decisive Way

As always around this time, the year that has just ended is subject to evaluations in order to set the budgets and operating strategies for the new year in the most likely and coherent way. Learn More

Sergio Vellante
Managing Board / ANIE Automazione

Beyond the Digitization Bit

Virtual Reality, Big Data, Cyber Security, Cloud, Internet of Things, Industrial Daisy Chain… The terms of digitization have now entered the current language, are fashionable and are repeated like a mantra. Learn More