Joints for collaborative robotics

AutomationWare launched onto market J-Actuators, a series of robotic Joints controllable via ROS for a safe and user-friendly collaborative robotics. The series consists of five models (14-17-20-25-32) to meet the needs of each customer and guarantee the widest applicability. AutomationWare couplings can be used in a wide variety of applications, in particular on systems or rotary machines, where torque performance is required on very small spaces and/or extremely sophisticated diagnostic control. The latest addition, the J-32 model is a joint based on a high-performance torque motor, it develops a maximum torque of 353 Nm and a nominal 220 Nm thanks to a high-performance HD gearbox. J-14, very small joints, allows rotation at high speed while maintaining the maximum torque of 28 Nm. The Joints can also be purchased individually and have a power driver integrated in the mechanics and connectable via EtherCAT to guarantee a great simplification of the control (also available in ProfiNet in the future). To complete the electronics, 2 processors (double to offer the necessary redundancy), 1 high resolution ADC converter and a series of analogue and digital inputs for the connection of various sensors.
The EtherCAT fieldbus allows the management of the motor and sensors as well as the recording of a large amount of parametric data detected in real time. The J-Actuators are equipped with 3 safety systems for the prevention of possible collisions with people or objects: torque measurement through high resolution current control; electronic measurement of the torsional rigidity of the gearbox; contact detection device for an instant response to possible impacts with sensitivity up to fractions of nanometres.
All AutomationWare couplings have two 20bit absolute magnetic encoders. The double encoding allows high positioning accuracy with a resolution of 1,000,000 levels of quantization on 360 ° of rotation.
Thanks to ROS, the joints can be configured with other AW products to generate robotic systems tailored to the application and easy to manage.
The J-Actuators are therefore a starting point for the construction of new collaborative robotics solutions highly customizable in terms of loads and work area.