IO-Link Technology for Actuators and Sensors

IO-Link technology allows actuators and sensors to become “intelligently integrated” into any process chain. The new IMI Norgren M/50/IOP switch offers communication and end-to-end monitoring capabilities of temperature and operating mode, as well as a cycle counter. The new model, fully compatible with all IMI Norgren actuators, meets the requirements of any industrial automation intelligent system.

IMI Precision Engineering has transformed its magnetically operated, solid state M/50 switch to include IO-Link capability. To enhance effective installation and improved connectivity, the new IMI Norgren M/50/IOP switch incorporates an orange LED indicator to allow for optimum installation relative to the cylinder magnet, with an additional green LED acting as a ‘power on’ indicator. With the inclusion of IO-Link technology, the functionality of the switch has been developed to enable the monitoring of the current temperature, maximal temperature, counter and operating mode variables.

The ideal solution for connectivity requirement
This new generation of switches provides the ideal solution for the connectivity requirements of industrial automation. With state-of-the-art functionality provided through the inclusion of standardised IO-Link technology, actuators and sensors can easily become active participants within the overall system, delivering optimised data transfer, condition monitoring and system performance. The IMI Norgren M/50/IOP makes accurate installation as simple as possible, with an orange LED light always ‘on’ when the switch is located within the optimal position. If the switch is located within the marginal position towards the outer edges of the magnetic field, the light flashes to indicate that further attention is required during the installation process.

Global certification and compliance to standards
Maintaining global certification standards, the newly launched switch meets all relevant CE and UL (American certification) guidelines and conforms to programmable controllers legislation under IEC 61131-9. The new model is compatible with all IMI Norgren actuators, comes with a 5m cable or M8 connector and can operate within a temperature range of between -40°C and +80°C. The IMI Norgren M/50/IOP can operate in either standard or IO-Link mode, in order to meet the requirements of any industrial automation intelligent system. Both modes offer a wide range of integrated added functionalities as well as the advantages of a simplified commissioning.
Thanks to the “power on” green led, which is visible in both modes and to the standardized cabling, these new generation actuators feature simplified configuration, reliable end-to-end communication and the best technologies for condition monitoring. It also offers all the advantages of the standardized IO-Link technology in terms of connectivity.
The selection of the IO-Link mode expands the functionalities of the switch allowing actual temperature, max temperature, cycle counter and all variable of the operating mode to be monitored. In this way actuators and sensors are allowed to become active participants in every process chain.