Internationalization and Networking: the Imperatives of Associationism

by Paolo Marzocchi, Vice President of FEDERTEC

I am very satisfied and proud of the birth of FEDERTEC, on which we have worked hard for several months. In fact, we strongly believed that uniting ASSOFLUID and ASSIOT, two already strong associations, would create an entity capable of developing interesting synergies, thus becoming even more solid and effective for its member companies.
With this in mind, I accepted the proposal to coordinate the Internationalisation and Networking Commission with great enthusiasm. I believe, in fact, that these two terms well summarize some of FEDERTEC’s fundamental tasks: to broaden horizons beyond national borders and, in general, to promote intercommunication which, besides being now indispensable, can also create interesting business opportunities for members.
Together with colleagues from other companies who are actively participating in this first phase, and whom I would like to thank, we have completed the drafting of a work programme which we will now begin to implement.
First of all, we will intensify relations with other associations, both by becoming supporting members and by participating in events on a national and international scale. The sharing of knowledge is a very precious asset and is one of our primary goals.
We also believe in the great help that institutions may offer in making FEDERTEC known abroad. This will certainly create development opportunities for member companies; we will establish contacts with the institutional bodies responsible for this activity (ICE Agency, Embassies, Foreign Chambers of Commerce…) as soon as possible.
At European level we will try to take part in the activities organised by CETOP and EUROTRANS. We are considering the possibility of organizing conferences and events in Italy, together with initiatives to promote and enhance the knowledge of the many valid companies of value in our country.
In this respect, a key point in the activities of the Commission is the creation of partnerships with universities, technology parks and innovation bodies. Accessibility to deep competences, sharing of methodologies and research tools, comparison on technical and organizational issues are some themes that could be developed jointly in a very effective way.
All this will be carried out with a special look at students, the future of companies and of the association itself.
Strengthening scholarships for thesis, sponsoring masters or training courses and enhancing a special section of FEDERTEC website: these are some of the tools we will use in order to create a database that will certainly be very useful for member companies, always looking for high professionalism.
This ambitious program will require energy and passion, as well as suggestions and contributions from anyone who wishes to collaborate in any way.