Innovative screw flat face

DNP Industriale has developed a series of screw to connect flat-face couplings according to its “PVT4” design for hydraulic applications with high working pressures (35 Mpa) and, where required, connection with residual pressure in the circuit.
The zinc-nickel coating ensures high corrosion resistance.
These couplings are particularly suitable for heavy-duty applications such as earth moving machines, hydraulic hammers, cranes, vibrators and wherever there is a long stretch of hoses.
The screw coupling system eliminates the damages that normally occur in classic couplings with a ball locking (brinelling). The coupling has been designed to prevent any twisting of the pipe during the connection/disconnection phase but to allow a slight rotation during operation, thus eliminating possible damages to the system.
Also the internal valve groups have been designed to allow the connection even in the presence of high residual pressures. The connection/disconnection phases take place without fluid leaks and without the risk of air or dirt infiltrating the hydraulic circuit.
These couplings are available in sizes from 1/4 “(DN06) up to 2” (DN50) with a round or hexagonal sleeve.
The hexagonal sleeve allows the placement of colored rings (Color Code Rings), which help the operator in the identification of the hydraulic lines, a particularly useful feature in the case of complex systems with many couplings of the same size.