Innovating Engineering to Enhance Productivity

Among the highlights showcased by Parker Hannifin at Hannover Messe 2019 there is Ecoreach, an integrated hydraulic and traction powertrain system, that delivers vast improvements in performance and efficiency, while at the same time simplifying build procedures and reducing costs for forklift OEMs.

by Alma Castiglioni

At Hannover Messe 2019 Parker Hannifin will showcase a number of technology innovations for a wide range of applications in hydraulics, pneumatics, electromechanical, filtration, fluid and gas handling.
In partnership with six of its German distributors, Parker will present its valves, pumps, filters, gaskets, hoses, controllers, motors, drives and controls, plus other related components and accessories.
Special focus will be on the company’s EcoReach system, Thermal Management solutions and the TFP 2-Way Servo-Proportional Valve Series. Applications in the Future Lab will demonstrate Parker’s systems solutions capabilities as a valued added partner. The area will showcase the company’s capabilities in combining its core technologies to enable OEMs to reduce system complexity and production flow time through effective systems integration.

A state-of-the art hydraulic system for forklifts
EcoReach is an integrated hydraulic and traction powertrain system, that delivers vast improvements in performance and efficiency, while at the same time simplifying build procedures and reducing costs for forklift OEMs. The system gives increased battery life, productivity, load handling and operation speed, and a significant reduction in energy consumption.
EcoReach comprises a number of enabling technologies, each of which has been optimised to provide a fully integrated package tailored to the needs of forklift manufacturers and users. Technologies integrated include a PMAC motor that improves load handling and reduces energy consumption, a reversible pump that converts shaft power into hydraulic power and runs as a motor driving the electric motor as a generator, and an optimised valve system featuring a combination of different technologies designed specifically for forklift applications.
EcoReach also features an integrated hydraulic unit with the motor, pump and hydraulic valves all incorporated into a single housing; this minimises the number of components, enhancing reliability and reducing installation size.
The EcoReach forklift assembly system is the highlight of Parker’s traditional hydraulic technology. The electric forklift is handled by an electro-hydraulic system. The powertrain consists of a series of separate components: an inverter that converts battery energy into alternating current; an electric motor that outputs torque and speed; and a hydraulic pump that provides flow and pressure; and a hydraulic system controls the valve block to control the flow and pressure of the required hydraulic function.

A wide range of components for thermal management
The entire production and product lifecycle of systems and machines is often dependent on efficient cooling to maintain optimum operating temperatures. Parker will show its broad range of thermal management components in its Future Lab area at Hannover. Amongst the technologies on display will be the company’s NSA, NSI, NSE series and various sizes of couplers. These can be combined with Sensonodes (diagnosing, transmission and monitoring devices) and manifolds to build customised thermal management solutions.
Parker quick couplings that can be assembled without tools, to connect cooling elements for the thermal management applications, will also be exhibited.
The low pressure drop in these systems helps to optimise energy consumption.
All the products have a flat sealing valve design that allows connection and disconnection without fluid loss.
Maintenance times are shortened significantly thanks to quick coupling and uncoupling. Also, thanks to the shut-off couplings, the fluid can remain in the circuit during maintenance work and does not need to be drained.

New 2-Way Servo-Proportional Valve Series TFP
With its TFP series of cartridge valves, Parker will demonstrate a further innovation in its Future Lab at Hannover Messe. The new 2-way servo proportional valve with VCD® technology is based on the current TDP and TEP families. Characterised by a completely new, flow-optimised design, the TFP series builds on the excellent flow characteristics, precision and dynamics of these existing products to deliver shorter cycle times, more stable processes and minimised scrap rates.
In combination with numerous other technical enhancements, the TFP series achieves flow values that were previously only possible by opting for a larger size valve.
Finally, as a special highlight, Parker will also present the new TFP series as a 3D-printed version. The fully functional valve will clearly demonstrate the possibilities of additive manufacturing.