“Industry 4.0 ready” range on display

Alongside the well-known range of weCat devices, wenglor will showcase in Parma, from the May 22nd to 24th, the new PNG//smart sensor family. In addition to practical demonstrations related to sensors, there will be room for the weQube vision systems. The entire wenglor sensoric range is “Industry 4.0 ready”.
Introduced officially at the end of last year, the PNG//smart family integrates five different principles into one single device: reflex with or without background suppression, reflecting barrier with or without transparency detection and with a one-way photoelectric barrier. Besides, these products have miniaturized dimensions of just 32 x 16 x 12 mm and 4 g weight, features that make them suitable for being installed anywhere, even on moving parts, such as, for example, robotic arms. PNG//smart sensors are available in IP67/IP68 versions and extended temperature ranging from -40°C to +60°C. On board is an interface for IO-Link communication which, together with the available software functions, can be used to perform condition monitoring and predictive maintenance operations.
At the wenglor booth at SPS IPC Drives Italia 2018 it will also be possible to test the functioning of the 2D/3D weCat devices through some practical demonstrations. WeCat sensors can be used for 360°measuring of objects, for position control (for example in applications on board the machine), for high precision surface inspection as well as in many other quality control and profile detection applications.