Industrial vision meets the academic world

Within the “Visione Industria” Project, a number of meetings have been planned with Italian universities
to put technology suppliers in touch with future engineers.
“Visione industria” ( is a hypertext dedicated to the industrial vision technology published by Editoriale Delfino and accomplished by 15 experts of the technological, scientific and journalistic world.
The hypertext aims to reconstruct the history of this technology, offer documentation, propose supports for training, report and link the main actors in the industrial field, in research and in the various bodies and organizations. It is aimed at all those are concerned with organization, management and analysis of production processes; machine and plant manufacturers; quality, logistics and maintenance managers; researchers, students, communication operators.
Within the project, meetings have been scheduled with some Italian universities to illustrate performances and new possibilities for the application of industrial vision systems and to promote the job opportunities it can offer.
The first appointment is at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pavia, on Monday 12 March at
2.00 pm. The program of the event includes, in addition to an introduction by the university and the organizers, also speeches by some important companies of the industrial vision sector.
ANIE Automazione aware of the importance of knowing the possibilities offered by the use of technology and the value of training, not only has granted its patronage to the project, but participates at the event with a speech by the Secretary Marco Vecchio.
The event is open to students, journalists and companies that produce and market industrial vision systems.