In-process Quality Control

At BI-MU 2018 the mechanical engineering company Klingelnberg will be presenting its Industry 4.0 solutions. Among the highlights are Höfler cylindrical gear generating grinding machine Speed Viper 180, with Closed Loop technology, and measuring machine P65, with a new design, for precision measuring of roto-symmetric components.

by Andrea Baty

Generating grinding in the Industry 4.0 era
The Höfler Speed Viper 180 cylindrical gear generating grinding machine is designed for high productivity and robustness of the grinding process and therefore fulfils all of the requirements that are needed in modern large-scale production. The platform has been developed on the base of the Viper 500 success series. Four different configurations are available: Speed Viper 300 and 180 with single or double spindle and Speed Viper 2 with double spindle. Depending on the model, Speed Viper is designed for maximum workpiece diameters of 80, 180, and 300 mm. Besides gears, extra long shafts with a distance up to 1,100 mm between machine centers can be machined too. The double spindle Speed Viper 2 concept allows processing helps auxiliary times to be cut down thus fulfilling the requirements of the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors and their suppliers, for whom the Speed Viper is mainly intended. Generation grinding wheels, with outer diameter of 320 mm and 200 mm wide, ensure a longer tool life. An automatic tool clamping system with integrated balancing unit also helps set-up times to be reduced. In addition, fully automated or partially automated Speed Vipers can be equipped with an automation interface that complies with VDMA 34180.
The high quality standards for noise elimination during motion transmission can be achieved with a special tooth modification achieved with high machining precision.

Data analysis and search for anomalies and errors
GearPro software analyzes all nominal gear data to be produced and searches for any anomalies and errors that can be identified and corrected. This prevents an incorrect gear from entering the production process and contaminating the quality of the process. In the event of any anomalies in the production process, the new Closed Loop system corrects the data for gear machining and restores the production process to the required quality standards.

The design of the measuring centers has been optimized and unified
Klingelnberg will also be presenting the new design of the P65 precision measuring centre in black. Klingelnberg has fundamentally unified the design and ergonomics of its range of precision measurement centers, in order to meet the precision measurement needs of symmetrical precision rotational components.
The P series measuring machines replace up to six conventional measuring instruments: gear measurement, general coordinate measurement, form and position measurement, roughness measurement, contour measurement and optical measurement.
These machines can be installed in the workshop thanks to thermal compensation and thermally neutral optical scales, for reliable measurements even between +15°C and +35°C. They are designed with optimal positioning of the axes for the measurement of roto-symmetric parts and are equipped with maintenance-free direct drives in all measurement axes, high-precision 3D head, data management with results in electronic or paper format and interface to the Closed Loop by Klingelnberg system.