High specialization in the field of hydraulic cylinders

MGM Cilindri Oleodinamici was founded 24 years ago by Marco Mantovani, founder and current President. Since then, the company has specialized more and more in the production of hydraulic cylinders and in the production of prototypes upon customers’ request, now its core business. Whether in small quantities or in mass production, the company targets a wide range of industrial sectors, including earthmoving, construction, drilling, ecology and agriculture.
Every stage of production, from cutting to milling, from welding to turning and final assembly, is subject to step-by-step checks; furthermore, each cylinder is tested under pressure, by tests that reproduce the real conditions of use. All production takes place in MGM’s plants with the latest generation of machinery; MGM has been certified ISO 9001:2008 since 2002.
The company is firmly focused on internationalization, an obligatory step to continue its growth. The company intends to approach new foreign markets while consolidating its position in those where it already operates.
One of the main application sectors of MGM cylinders is lifting, first of all for aerial platforms and cranes behind the cab, but also for trolleys, hydraulic sides, goods handling, mini elevators and lifting tables.
For the OEMs of these machines, the company offers many possibilities: it is, in fact, able to design and produce customized cylinders with diameters up to 200 mm, lengths up to 5,000 mm, able to operate with operating pressures up to 500 bar, in a temperature range between -20 °C and 100 °C. But that’s not all: specific processes are also available, such as chrome and special coatings for corrosive environments, and the application of other complementary devices such as braking systems, linear and proximity sensors and the complete assembly of valves.
The pictire shows MGM Booth at EIMA trade fair, in Bologna.