High Level of Integration in the Production of Flywheel Gear Rings

Omas relied on Bosch Rexroth for the automation of a manufacturing cell for the production of flywheel gear rings for stop-start motors in the automotive sector. Bosch Rexroth contributed with 17 servomotors and drives, defining also the best system architecture. A high level of integration from the automation point of view was guaranteed in the application.

by Elena Magistretti

Since 1996, Omas has been producing automatic machines and systems for shaping metal wire of all dimensions applied in various industrial sectors, such as clothing, furnishings, construction, electronics, domestic appliances and even for automotive.
The collaboration between Omas and Bosch Rexroth has a long history: in past years Omas successfully adopted Rexroth components and automation systems through qualified local System Partner in CNC wire bending machine.

An innovative project for the complete automation of the manufacturing cell
Omas strengthened by the previous partnership and decided to rely again on Bosch Rexroth for an innovative project that concerned the complete automation of the Manufacturing Cell called FAB-20 2x for the production of flywheel gear rings for an important Korean supplier in the Automotive sector. The project’s initial goals were cutting the product costs, reducing the waste of the forming and welding process divided into different phases, but entirely automated by single and powerful Cell Control system MLC. The phase 1 consists in the unwinding and straightening of the metal strip, then the feeding and forming of the ring, cutting, mid frequency welding, milling on the 4 sides of the welded joint; subsequently heating takes place by induction, dimensional control with vision system, and finally unloading and storage of the semi-finished product.

The best possible system architecture offered a number of advantages
Bosch Rexroth contributed with the accurate sizing of the 17 servomotors and drives, defining – also thanks to the contribution of the Automation Partner Argomatic the best system architecture including the cell Software, the HMI of the main cockpit and the hand held panel, the Ethernet based field bus interface and Safety concept integrated in the drives and in Safe Logic PLC.
Among the numerous advantages offered by Bosch Rexroth – guaranteed high level of integration from the automation point of view, execution speed of the cell cycle with the multicore single motion control MLC, PLC and Safe devices Motion for the machine axes via Sercos bus and CIPSafety profile certified SIL3 and PL d. Furthermore, the use of the new MS2N servomotor with digital multiturn transducers and single-cable connection has considerably simplified the wiring layout on the machine, bringing benefits in terms of optimized footprint.
Cycle time and process quality are now perfectly compliant with the Automotive Specifications directives, and a partner like Bosch Rexroth has proven to be fundamental, especially for vertical and far markets, as in the case of South Korea.
“The quality of Rexroth components and its technological innovation goes hand in hand with Omas’ investments in new technologies, know-how at the basis of market needs, above all in terms of flexibility and verticalization of processes”, – stated Manuel Tosi, OEM Sales Engineer and Michele Pirelli, Market Segment Manager from Bosch Rexroth Italia.