Graduation Thesis Award

The winning theses of the twenty-fourth edition of the contest held by ASSOFLUID were awarded during the Association’s Ordinary Assembly, which took place on June 11th in Rezzato (BS). The contest is addressed to all undergraduates and graduates in both technical and economic/commercial disciplines, whose thesis concern the Fluid Power sector. Of all the dissertation submitted, for a total of nine, from several Italian universities, a special commission composed by experts from associated companies, after careful analysis and evaluation, has awarded the three most meritorious:

Eng. Sofia Guidomei (University of Genova) for the following thesis: Analysis of resistance to motion in the presence of air-bubbling: experimentation on a model. Supervisor: Prof. Enrico Ravina.
Reason: For the originality of the topic and its experimental application in a relevant field, with important possible repercussions in terms of energy efficiency in ship and pleasure craft propulsion.

Eng. Andrea Pulcinelli (University of Firenze) for the following thesis: Modeling and development of an electro-hydraulic actuator of a semi-active differential gear. Supervisors: Prof. Renzo Capitani, Prof. Benedetto Allotta, Eng. Claudio Annichiarico, Eng. Luca Pugi, Eng. Francesco Vinattieri.
Reason: For the remarkable results achieved in optimizing an integrated mechatronic system with a high impact on vehicles dynamic, proven by the highest performances obtained.

Eng. Vincenzo Vitiello (University of Napoli Federico II) for the following thesis: Modeling the high-pressure hydraulic circuit of a New Holland T8.390 tractor. Supervisors: Prof. Adolfo Senatore, Prof. Andrea Vacca, Eng. Emma Frosina.
Reason: For the valid and thorough numerical and experimental analysis of the complex hydraulic circuit of a tractor, aimed at improving energy efficiency without affecting the system performances and functionality.