Generating Toothing Data in GDE Format

The VDI has been working on defining an exchange format for toothing data in Germany for quite some time now. Cylindrical gear data can now be exported in this new format, which is known as GDE, or Gear Data Exchange, in accordance with VDI 2610:2014 (version 2.7) from KISSsoft (module CD1). When generating data in GDE format with detailed data on profile diagrams, tooth trace diagrams, and tooth form, individual points are calculated in order to generate the profile and tooth trace diagrams. This also calculates the points for the particular tooth form.
Subsequently, you can generate a report that documents the points for the diagrams and the tooth form points. As a result, the GDE format allows the toothing data to be passed on and transferred electronically, from the Design department to Production to Quality Assurance.
From May 7 to 10, 2019, KISSsoft is offering the training course Cylindrical Gear Design, Analysis and Optimization. Using practical, illustrative examples, designers will learn more about how to operate the program and use the input screens for the different calculation modules in KISSsoft.