Gear pumps and motors, flow dividers

Vivoil Oleodinamica Vivolo production range includes gear pumps and motors, as well as flow dividers. The whole production is 100% Made in Italy.

With its range, from group 0 to group 3, for all types of products, pumps and gear motors and flow dividers, with an almost infinite number of combinations of flanges / shafts / displacements, Vivoil is preparing to face the market global, building collaborative relationships with the most important local distribution companies.

Particular attention is paid to our range of flow dividers, from group 0 to group 3, with or without re-phasing valves.

The production range also includes a very special divider, called MIA, a compensated flow divider, equipped with Cetop 3 connections, which allows to keep the error between cylinders below 1.5% of the total stroke, also with pressure differences up to 180 bar.

At the Agritechnica 2019 exhibition in Hannover, an absolute novelty was presented: the group 3 flow divider with integrated rephasing and anti-cavitation valves on each element, which allows to correct the cylinder alignment error during both IN and OUT.

Displacements from 15 to 90 ccm for each element. Valve’ s working pressures are adjustable.