Gear pump

Marzocchi FTP Gear Pump is the best solution for low pressure and lubrication applications, where low viscosity fluids are required, such as: fire resistant fluids, water – oil or water – glycol emulsions. Its typical applications are: large lubrication systems, lubrication of the guides of machine tools or the lubrication and cooling of the tools themselves.

FTP is based on ELIKA Gear Technology, the perfect choice for all low-noise level applications that require high efficiency too. The innovative helical gears reduce the noise level by an average of 15 dBA compared with a conventional external gear pump. FTP pumps are perfectly interchangeable with standard gear pumps and are available in both unidirectional clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, all commercial versions of standard gear pump flanges Group 2 are available, in a displacement range from 7 to 35 cm3/rev.

The shape of the ELIKA Profile, patented by Marzocchi Pompe, eliminates the encapsulation phenomenon typical of standard gear pumps, deleting the source of the main cause of noise and vibrations produced by the pump and transmitted to the other components, thus reducing the noise of the hydraulic system.