Fluid Power: 2017 preliminary results

According to the results of the Survey conducted by ASSOFLUID as for year 2017 compared to 2016, the Fluid Power sector in Italy shows very positive signs as for both the pneumatic and the hydraulic sectors. Data show a growth of both domestic market (+9.4%) and domestic production (+12.7%).

2017 turnover shows a consistent growth compared to 2016: : +0.9 percent (Italy) and +16.4 percent (export ); +1.0 percent (Italy). Data referring to domestic market and domestic production are in line: +9.3 percent e +13.8 percent respectively. Even better results were have been registered as far as the order portfolio is concerned with variations ranging from +19.3 percent (Export) to 36.2 percent (Import).
The domestic market shows a growth of +30.0 percent, while domestic production shows +21.8 percent.

Pneumatics record positive results for both domestic consumption and domestic production.
Turnover ranges from +9.1 percent (Italy) to 9.9 percent (Import) while the order portfolio shows +10.6 percent (Italy) and +11.4 percent (Import).
Domestic market shows a 9.5 percent turnover growth compared to 2016 and a 11.1 percent growth as far as the order portfolio is concerned. Domestic production results are also good: +9.1 percent in terms of turnover and +11.1 percent in terms of orders.
The absolute value of the fluid power national market in 2017 was over 2.1 billion euro, while production was 3.5 billion euro; exports reached 2.2 billion euro and the trade balance was favourable for more than 1.2 billion euro.