Flat brushless motors

DELTA LINE is offering the Fulling BLW range of compact, flat brushless motors, which extends from 20 to 90 mm in diameter. The BLW series has been developed to meet the need for motion control solutions in ever-smaller packages.

Robotics, healthcare, laboratory equipment, agriculture, textiles. Almost all markets and applications are driven by requirements to increase power in a smaller working envelope. In such an environment, a full range of outer-rotor flat brushless motors has been developed, offering continuous power output from 3 to 130 W.
A multipolar outer-rotor design enables BLW-series motors to reach up to 0.46Nm of continuous torque (90 mm diameter variant), making them perfectly adapted to applications where power density is the most important selection criteria. The full range of BLW flat brushless motors from DELTA LINE (which is a shareholder in Fulling) currently comprises eight models in 20, 32, 45, 60 and 90mm diameter, although this is expected to expand in the coming months.
As well as their unparalleled power density, BLW flat brushless motors add significant value to robotics application with a lower torque ripple than conventional motors thanks to their high number of poles and outer rotor design.