Filter elements for fluids and water

Among the latest products presented by MP Filtri stands out the series MPLX of return filters, with maximum pressure and flow respectively up to 10 bar and up to 1800 l/min.
The new size FMM150 is also being launched for the Filtration division, completing the FMM line of high-pressure filters (maximum pressure: 420 bar, maximum flow rate: 250 l/min), developed for high-performance or large-sized agricultural machines. The in-line filters for high pressures are used as working filters with the task of protecting a single valve or the entire hydraulic circuit from contamination in fluids in accordance with international standards ISO 4406.
Worthy of note is also the new Water Removal Filter Element, designed to remove water and particulate contamination, for greater efficiency and overall system reliability. Made of absorbent material and inorganic microfiber with a filtering degree of 25 µm, it protects the components in the hydraulic circuits in case of the presence of water.
Finally, ELIXIRTM (pictured) is a new concept of low pressure in-line filter up to 16 bar, which allows easy maintenance by replacing only the FEX filter element, with a lower environmental impact than previous spin-on models.