Federtec: from Words to Deeds

By Domenico Di Monte
President / Assofluid
Alea Iacta Est: The die is cast. Here, we are not talking about a river to cross, but about a new association that was born to represent in a unique way important sectors, as also stated in the statute, namely in the first article. Here, the words are: “…Italian Industry of Components and Mechatronic Technologies for Fluid Power, Power Transmission, Control and Intelligent Automation of Products and Industrial Processes”.
A reality that wants to bring together all the subjects that gravitate around the development of the macro-sector, united by the use of technologies and skills, but without ever losing the focus on the centrality of industrial production, the real object of development itself. “We have made Italy, now we have to make Italians”, D’Azeglio would say. And today the commitment is precisely that of creating the spirit of belonging, which in turn can create a clear and shared vision, also applied by the “new” members of the association, or by the members of the “new” association. Starting with the dynamics of exchange that can be created from the interaction between members, which can now interface under only one roof. The first goal should be to create awareness and sharing within the association, even before operating in the outside world, as well as to keep on working so that the assumptions that led to the launch of this ambitious project are further clarified to the current members. A “step change” generated by all the opportunities of this “new structure” was indeed proposed to the members. I will never get tired of repeating that, however, the heart of the association are the members themselves and, today, in order to start properly, the participation of all the companies is essential, as well as the contribution that requires qualified and very heterogeneous points of view, one of Federtec’s main strengths.
In June, there will be the first Federtec assembly. On that occasion, a new body will also be elected, namely the Board of Directors, which, along with the Boards of Assofluid and Assiot (whose current members will remain in office until 2021) will take the helm of the association; a great responsibility, which will deal with setting the course for the coming years. Everyone can and must contribute, not only within the official bodies, but also, and above all, in the working groups, from the economic commission to the technical/training one, up to the groups devoted to specific technologies that will be created similarly to the well-established group working on pneumatics.
A new project begins, requiring the enthusiasm with which we face all the new challenges, moving from words to deeds!