Electronic proportional flow controllers

C.Matic has introduced the EV10 range, the new electronic proportional flow controller that was officially launched at the major trade fairs.
Patented by the Giussano Company, the electronic flow control consists of a PCBa that reads an electrical input signal, processes it and operates the servo actuator that moves a needle valve inside an orifice to make a linear flow rate change proportional with the electrical input signal.

The flow controller is available in two versions: the “/I” and the “/O”, where a built-in non-return valve checks the flow in one direction and allows free passage in the opposite one.
The EV10 is offered in three dimensions, it can work at variable working temperature conditions (from 0°C to +50°C). The flow controller is in compliance with the RoHs Directive, the REACH European Regulation and it is CE marked.
Here are the main technical features: repeatability: ±0,025%; resolution: 0,05%; self-compensated hysteresis.