Electromechanical pick & place arms

Specializing in the design and manufacture of modules for automation addressed to either machine and system manufacturers or their end customers, MoxMec includes in its own product range also electromechanical arms: a patented solution ensuring high reliability and precision. In fact, the system is made of a high-performance brushless motor and a cam placed in the forefront of the whole mechanics. The latter has been designed ad hoc in order to make the entire motion smooth and precise.
Talking a bit more about cam positioning, this is truly crucial as it makes the product extremely customizable and “reusable”. In fact, the cam can be easily replaced, thus enhancing the plant flexibility.
Another feature making the electromechanical arms highly efficient is that the picking operation point can even have a different quote compared to the placing one. Set up is then facilitated, as a perfect alignment is not needed anymore to ensure its operation. To sum up, the X value is fixed, while the Z value can be programmed through an interface that can be used directly by the operator, thus avoiding any intervention by the electronic programmer, with remarkable savings in terms of resources and time also in case of new production requirements. Last but not least, energy savings are significant as well: with similar performances, electricity consumption is greatly reduced compared to a traditional pneumatic system.