Electric handling system

The “SerialPicker” electric handling system, manufactured by Omas and distributed by Pamoco, is a cutting-edge product that uses tubular linear motors and offers several advantages: from high efficiency to the possibility of controlling the position at any point of the stroke; from acceleration and force control of low-maintenance motors to the significant reduction of cycle times compared to pneumatics. To give an idea of the possible cycle times, let’s consider that the smallest handling system allows users to reach 180 positions per minute with a Y- and Z-stroke of 100 mm and with a mass of 500 g. The reduced axes width, only 40 mm, allows the use even in narrow places, for example in loading/unloading applications between very narrow production lines. The mass on the SerialPicker vertical axis is balanced by the use of the “MagSpring” magnetic spring that does not require any type of power supply and has an unlimited life. The handling system is available in three sizes for handling masses up to 8 kg and strokes up to 300 mm. The system is supplied with drives, power supply and cables and can be interfaced to any type of controller or PLC.