Efficient Filtration Thanks to the Patented Design

The MPFX and MPTX series of return filters and the MRSX series of return/suction Filters by MP Filtri, to be assembled on tanks, are specifically designed for the hydraulic systems of mobile construction and earth moving machines, with an exclusive design of the filtering element, protected by patent in Italy.

by Andrea Pascoli

The correct design of machines, increasingly equipped with high quality components and gauged for high performances, is necessarily linked to an adequate monitoring of contamination of the hydraulic filter, a guarantee of a greater working life of the plant. Filters are therefore configured as a key element for the continuous functioning of the circuits in fixed operating machines or in moving machines, technologically advanced and sensitive to foreign bodies as small as a few µm. Designing a fluid cleansing system therefore implies evaluating the type and position of the filters within a circuit, relative to its technical parameters, such as, operating pressure and flow, required filtering efficiency, environmental conditions, the type of fluid used and the operating cycles.

Filters for specific applications in the mobile world
This increase turns out to be an opportunity even for MP Filtri, which in 2017 recorded a 10% increase in its revenues, 23% of the increase being in Italy and 77% in exports, with respect to the previous year.
MP Filtri with its three divisions, Filtration, Power Transmission e Contamination Control, offers a complete range for the stationary and mobile industrial world and specialized custom systems, suggesting different combinations of components and materials, so as to satisfy the clients’ operating demands, both structural and functional. An important element of MP Filtri is its capability of anticipating and constantly evolving, to synchronize the design and production phases, and of reducing lead times. Besides, the fact that all production phases are carried out internally helps in-house experimentation and research of all technologies, increasing the company’s know-how and the efficiency of all its processes.
A concrete example of this strategy are the MPFX and MPTX Return Filters and MRSX Return/Suction filters designed to be mounted on tanks, specifically envisaged for the hydraulic systems present on mobile construction and earth moving machines.
They stand out for their excellent filtration efficiency and the exclusive design of the filtering element, patented in Italy and with patent pending in several other countries in Europe and America, which allows to keep up over time the functioning of the hydraulic system by means of the replacement with original parts, with no need for further equipment. The filtering element itself is easy to recognise on account of the external pipe with markings which may be customised with the client’s logo. The MPTX and MPFX ranges are designed to withstand working pressures of up to 8 bar and 10 bar for the MRSX series. They are available with a filtering element made out of microfibre, with an absolute filtration degree in compliance with the MULTIPASS TEST – ISO16889 norm and may be customized and/or equipped with many options and accessories.