Drive and Transmission Solutions

Choosing the right materials, parts and configurations is complex, time-consuming and critical for the success of a drive system. Angst+Pfister have over 30 years of experience engaging with its customers to tackle such challenges. With APSOdrive® the company provides its customers a complete customized solution for their drive and transmission requirements.
The range of services includes: Technical consulting on new and existing systems; selection of optimal drive solution; calculation and layout of mechanical transmissions; application of calculation programs; optimization of price vs. performance; rapid prototyping and customized solutions. The customer is offered the optimal solution by implementing a combination of standard parts or by developing new, customized parts and prototypes.
As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Angst+Pfister partners with a powerful network of leading manufacturers to identify and procure theright components for its customers’ solution requirements.
Its range of solutions addresses different applications, whether it be linear or radial positioning, material transport or power transmission.
A wide variety of tooth profiles have also been introduced in order to meet technological requirements. New applications continually drive the need for specialized belts in all sorts of configurations. Angst+Pfister help customers to combine the right profiles and belt treatment with the required application.