Double protection in the food industry

The food industry is a leading sector of the Italian economy. Its growth can be explained above all, by companies’ constant investments in improving the production process and a growing attention to safety and hygiene – not only to protect the final customer, but workers as well.
STOMMPY® Impact Safety Systems, made with the innovative and highly-performing technical polymer Tecklene®, represent the best solution for companies to ensure a double protection both regarding hygiene issues, and also providing protection for people in the workplace. Tecklene® is perfectly in line with the strictest HACCP standards. It is characterized by exceptional mechanical performance thanks to its resistance but has also considerable hygiene-related features. Furthermore, it has a certification of non-toxicity, which, according to EU EC Regulation 10/2011 CE and FDA Regulation 21 CFR 177.1520 NFS / ANSI Standard 51, makes it suitable for use in food environments, with operating temperatures between -40 ° C and + 50 ° C. To describe more precisely, Tecklene® is made out of a chemical compound deriving from the ethylene polymerization process which is mixed with active crosslinking agents. In addition, it does not emit toxic substances when exposed to flame, it is resistant to saline solutions, acids, alkalis, alcohol and gasoline. Furthermore, it is odorless and physiologically harmless but also unbreakable, which prevents it from falling into many pieces and possibly contaminating the food nearby. Another advantage, offered by STOMMPY®, is proved by the guarantee of impermeability – the products are able to ensure maximum protection against stagnation and water infiltration in the anchoring part of the system on the ground, supported by a degree of protection against the penetration of high water pressure, IPX9K.