Directly operated solenoid valves

A.P.I. – Advanced Pneumatic Industry, company for thirty years specialized in design and production of components for industrial pneumatic automation, has developed an all-new series of 22 mm directly operated solenoid valves.

These valves are characterized by the possibility of direct mounting on the application. For example, they can be directly mounted on the connection of a single acting cylinder without any pipe, or rather on the connection of a single acting rotary actuator without pipes or plates.

The new solenoid valves are available in 1/8” an 1/4” sizes, with 3/2 normally closed function, and bistable manual override. On request, they are available according with 2014/34/UE ATEX in classification Ex nA.
The valves of this new series are also available with options for low temperatures (-25°C ÷ +70°C) and high temperatures (-10°C ÷ +150°C).