DIN-standard ball screws for machine tools

Ball screws used within machine tools are critical components, providing the motion and positioning needed for precision machining operations.
By publishing the catalogue on its latest generation DIN-standard ball screws, NSK is bringing vital information to the fingertips of machine tool designers.

The catalogue outlines a number of useful design tips. For instance, differences are set out between the two types of ball recirculation system available: an end deflector type ball screw and the newly developed internal deflector type.
NSK DIN-standard ball screws are purpose-designed to offer high speed, high load capacity and low noise. In fact, 1.4 times dynamic load rating can be achieved thanks to the use of NSK’s proprietary TF bearing steel, details of which can be found in the catalogue.
NSK’s latest-generation ball screws conform to DIN 69051 (ISO 3408) with regard to both dimensional and tolerance classes. Manufactured in shaft diameters from 32 to 63 mm, and with leads from 10 to 40 mm, the ball screws provide a speed factor of up to 160,000 dn.
This performance level ensures suitability for high-speed machining applications where very accurate positioning is also required.
A full set of specifications is listed in the catalogue, including maximum allowable feed rates and product dimensions. Already available in English, the publication will soon be offered in German, Italian and Spanish.