Digital Motor Feedback Systems for Smart Servo Drives

New EDS/EDM35 product family, including digital motor feedback systems with HIPERFACE DSL® interface, the protocol developed by the engineering team of the Turn-based branch, offers safety and outstanding precision for highly dynamic applications.

byAndrea Baty

Manufacturers of digitized machinery and plants need electrical drive systems that integrate seamlessly into state-of-the-art mechatronic environments and are capable of thinking and communicating autonomously. The SICK range of motor feedback systems with HIPERFACE DSL® interface does exactly that. In addition, the rotary sensors meet all requirements for application-oriented functionality, maximum precision and dynamics, and certified safety. The new EDx35 family represents the second generation of sensors with HIPERFACE DSL® digital single-cable technology and, once again, raises the level of performance achieved by SICK sensors.
The single-turn and multi-turn motor feedback systems with the HIPERFACE DSL® digital interface offer the necessary technology to collect and save operating and process data directly on the drive and then transmit it via the motor cable to automation systems or condition monitoring applications. Information on the temperature in or around the motor, speed, and supply voltage value allows the status of the drive system to be monitored during operation, analyzed and documented using histograms, and information used for preventive maintenance purposes, for example by setting custom alarm thresholds.

4 series of digital motorfeedback systems for every request for dynamics and precision
With the new EDS/EMD35, the number of product families available to SICK for single-wire digital motor feedback systems has risen to four.
Manufacturers of motors, servo controllers and drive systems pay close attention to the resolution and accuracy of the encoders used. In servo drive solutions designed for standard industrial applications, it is best to move towards the EES/EEM37 family of capacitive sensors, which has a resolution of 15 or 17 bits and safety certified according to SIL2 and PL d. Higher resolution and precision are offered by the EKS/EKM36 series with a resolution of 18 or 20 bits. Finally, for drives in applications with high dynamic and precision requirements, SICK offers EFS/EFM50 motorfeedback systems with resolutions up to 21 bits and SIL2 and PL d. The outstanding performance of devices with HIPERFACE DSL® interface is demonstrated by the more than 700,000 encoders already installed worldwide.

Motorfeedback system for the highest performances servo drives
With a diameter of just 36mm, the new EDS/EDM35 single-turn and multi-turn motorfeedback systems are the top of the range for size 40 motors. The redundant optical system achieves a single-turn resolution of 24 bits, the maximum that a servodrive can process without losses due to electrical noise.
Like all other SICK digital motor feedback systems, this series also mechanically achieves the multiturn functionality of 4,096 rotations without a back-up battery and is therefore wear and maintenance free.
The accuracy of the EDx35 family goes up to 25” and all the data collected can be easily consulted through convenient operating histograms indicating temperature, speed and power supply. Rugged against shock and vibration, high accuracy and 24-bit resolution in a single design: EDx35 is a winner in any dynamic application, even in the world of packaging and machine tools.