Designing and optimizing e-mobility applications

The increasing number of electric vehicles is already having an impact on the design of transmissions. Although the number of gears in e-mobility applications is typically lower than in conventional passenger cars, the requirements for low-noise and low-vibration transmissions as well as high power density and transmission efficiency are very high. For the engineer, this means a whole series of new challenges.

KISSsoft offers various calculation modules for the design and optimization of vehicle transmissions. With the help of KISSsys (modules SYS, ZPK and WPK), the entire gearbox kinematics can be set up quickly and easily along with a strength evaluation of the overall system. Rough sizing (module ZA3) and fine sizing (module ZA4) allow basic dimensioning and macro-geometry optimization of cylindrical gears. The contact analysis under load (modules ZA30, ZA33 and ZA35) enables both a specific design of flank line corrections for an optimized loaded tooth contact as well as the design of profile corrections for lower noise excitation and high efficiency.