Cost-free and Live Gear Technology Training

Home Trainer LIVE Webinars support gear manufacturers in difficult times and inform about latest gear technology trends, even at today’s rather unusual workplaces.

In March 2020 Gleason conducted the first Home Trainer Webinar as a cost-free customer service to support gear manufacturers during COVID-19 times, especially directed at missed training opportunities and employees being confined to their home offices. With a fantastic number of participants to date, it has become a very successful and well-received alternative to face-to-face training and a great opportunity to benefit from the unusual wok hours and places during COVID-19 restrictions.

Plenty of gear-related topics discussed by gear technology experts

Home Trainer Webinars feature a wealth of gear-related topics including gear and transmission design and simulation, soft cutting and hard finishing processes, chamfer rolling and cutting, metrology, tools, workholding, services, software and 4.0 Closed Loop Systems. Home Trainer Webinars are moderated live by gear technology experts, in separate, English and German language events. Technology is explained with a mix of different media including graphical presentations, video, live demonstrations and the direct interaction between host, the presenter and the audience. In order to keep topics focused and comprehensive, Home Trainer Webinars last 30 minutes with a 15 minute Q&A session, providing the opportunity to address questions to the experts directly.

The webinar series will continue until further notice, at least as long as COVID-19 regulations are in place on a major scale.