Connectivity and Collaboration: the Key Elements of Integrated Industry

With the slogan “Integrated Industry – Connect & Collaborate”, Hannover Messe will be showing the ever increasing convergence of man/machine/IT system. Innovation this year will be seen in the IAMD (Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives) fair, which brings together automation, mechanical transmission and fluid power.

“Integrated Industry – Connect & Collaborate”. Compared to last year, the leitmotiv of Hannover Messe 2018 has been enriched with two important words: connectivity and collaboration.
New methods of inter-connected production and collaboration are accelerating developments in Industry 4.0.
With this banner, the exhibition will showcase how industrial inter-connectivity can create entirely new styles of management, work and collaboration, increasing competitiveness, growth and all new business models.
This is true for all industrial sectors. Today, human-robot collaboration occurs throughout companies, whatever
their size. This can also be said of the Digital Twin: the virtual copy created by interweaving data from the producer and the client to maximize production process and final product result.
Thanks to digitalization and connected production, innovation has been equally swift in the energy sector as well.
Virtual power stations, like control centers, collect the production of many small scale producers and conduct this energy into the grid for real consumption.
Energy production change and the electric future are also at the forefront of the connected revolution.
Electric vehicles are, basically, moving accumulators which can release their energy store to users thus stabilizing changes in momentary grid capacity.

The new fair will bring together automation, motion and drives in even years too!
The 2018 event will feature five fairs: IAMD (Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives); Digital Factory; Energy; Industrial Supply and Research & Technology. At the same time, in the Hannover fair district, CeMAT will also take place, the leading global intra-logistic and supply chain management event. This will detail how companies can digitalize and put their supply chain on line, extending it outside their physical boundaries.
In terms of automation, robotics will be of prime interest, while in the “smart factory”, robots, as well as transport systems and automated guides vehicles, have become essential. New standards are gradually being implemented in the way human/machine collaboration works.
This year’s real news is the presence of the mechanical power transmission and fluid power sectors, traditionally only showing in odd numbered years. This is the most logical of steps, according to the organizers, as the barriers between the various technologies and innovation cycles are ever decreasing. This is why Deusche Messe has decided to bring the annual Industrial Automation fair together with the traditionally biennial MDA – Motion, Drive & Automation). The new event, called IAMD (Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives) will satisfy the needs of a market increasingly looking for transversal solutions and inter-connected products. At the opening press conference, among the guests were Alfredo Mariotti, UCIMU President and Marco Ferrara, ASSOFLUID Director. The former indicated the current economic trend in the machine tools sector, one of Italy’s best performing, thanks, in part, to legislation implemented. “This was a political decision taken to face the problem of obsolete machinery in Italian industry” confirmed Mariotti “It is the confirmation of a new political dawn, much appreciated by constructors, as it allows them to keep pace with international competition, above all, that of Germany”.
Marco Ferrara confirmed the positive trend for fluid-power as well, underlining the importance of supplying the enabling technology necessary for enabling machinery; he also stressed the importance of a cultural shift, seeing everyone pulling in the same direction.

Partner country for Hannover Messe 2018: Mexico
Mexico is this year’s partner nation. Globally, this is the fifth ranked country for 4.0 digitalization. There will be 160 Mexican companies present over a total area of 3,500 sqm.Oscar Javier Camacho Ortega, Mexican consulate trade adviser, was present at the press conference in Milan, describing Mexico as one of the most attractive countries for investment. “Maximizing internal production through cutting edge technology is one the Mexican governemnt’s prime objectives – he confirmed -. This is why it is so important to be at Hannover Messe as Partner country. The Mexican business community is ready to enter joint venture projects with European partners”.
Mexico will be proposing new technological concepts, investment opportunities, innovative development strategies and research projects. In many areas, the Latin-American country is putting together plans for new industrial centers, opening the projects to innovative and far-sighted partners in areas like Industry 4.0, energy, technology, professional training, startup and foreign investment. Among the goals the Mexican government aims to achieve is that of strategic and infrastructural hub creation, leading to fourth industrial revolution success. Mexico will take advantage of their presence at Hannover Messe to reinforce trade relations and fluidify their free trade agreements with the European Union. Finally, Fabio Invernizzi, Marketing Manager at Elesa, the world’s leading industrial component manufacturer, located in Monza, and traditional presence at the Hannover Messe, took the stage. For Elesa, an ever present at the event since the 70s, one of its most important features is its transversal approach, the enormous variety of sectorial applications the products on show can enjoy.

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