Condition monitoring system wins Industry 4.0 Innovation Award

OPTIME, the condition monitoring system from automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler wins Industry 4.0 Innovation Award. OPTIME enables simple, cost-effective and highly scalable condition monitoring

The Schaeffler OPTIME condition monitoring system was only presented to the marketjust a few months ago and now, has won the Industry 4.0 Innovation-Award. The VDE Verlag is presenting the award for the fifth time and in collaboration with the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI) as well as the Standardization Council Industry 4.0. Products and innovations that make a valuable or substantial contribution in connection with Industry 4.0 are eligible for participation in the award.

Industry 4.0 Innovation Award

Simple, cost-effective, and scalable

OPTIME was developed for the condition monitoring of entire plants and production facilities. The focus is on the monitoring of electric motors, pumps, units, and fans, i.e. drives and units, which are used in very large numbers and whose condition was hardly monitored or only monitored manually until now due to a lack of cost-effective and technical solutions. Operators or maintenance personnel of production facilities can easily install and put into operation several hundred measurement points in a single day. Schaeffler’s expertise in the field of vibration analysis and power transmission enables a high level of automation that eliminates the need for the costly contracting of external experts during initial operation and data analysis. Condition monitoring using Schaeffler OPTIME costs just a few cents per day for every measuring point.