Compact Solenoid Valves for Small Spaces and High Flow Levels

The JSY series of solenoid valves launched by SMC are ideal for all those applications where space is limited, thanks to their compact size, and where high flow rates are required. In addition, they have been designed with energy efficiency in mind: these solenoid valves absorb only up to 0.2 W, which results in cost savings.

by Marcello Ponte

Automation solutions provider SMC has created one of the narrowest 5-Port Solenoid Valve currently available: the JSY series.
At just 6.4 mm, the new JSY is compact and light, making it extremely practical and adaptable for use in a range of applications where space is at a premium. One of the main features of the JSY is that, despite its compact size, it can achieve a high flow rate of 179 to 1,551 l/min.
The valve is also designed to deliver high levels of productivity.
Thanks to its speed, cycle times are decreased and productivity is increased, which makes it a great addition for installations where improving efficiency is key. In addition, the valve consumes just 0.2 W or less, helping to reduce the overall power in the system and subsequently the heat generated in the electrical cabinet, which together lead to cost savings.

High flow levels with compact size
JSY offers high degrees of versatility so that the valve block can be configured in the best way for the installation. Different types of connectors can also be assembled to suit the customer’s needs, making installation quicker. Its compact size and high flow levels makes JSY practical and adaptable for use in a wide variety of applications, especially for robotics, such as painting and welding applications. It is ideal for moving parts, like rotary or indexing tables, as well as in tool changes in robot arms.
JSY is available in three sizes: JSY1000, with a 6.4mm width; JSY3000 with a 10 mm width; JSY5000 with a 15 mm width.