Compact solenoid valve island

The EB80 system can be used to create a modular arrangement of up to 128 solenoid valves, using input/output signals and other modules. A new version of the EB80, named BOXI, is now available to meet the requirements of those using islands with 3 or 4 valves only.
The BOXI offers significant savings in space, weight and price. But, despite its simplicity, it contains all the innovations that have contributed to make the EB80 a successful system: only 0.3W input power per valve, free supply voltage between 10.8V and 31.2V, protection index IP65, diagnostics, valves of all types with a flow rate of up to 1250 Nl/min, a circuit selector valve and electrical connection with a simple 9-pin plug connector. It can be fixed onto a DIN bar or to a wall using the brackets included in the supply kit.