CETOP Education Program

Certification in the fluid power continues with excellent results. Another training centre, meeting the requirements of CETOP recommendations, has been recently certified by ASSOFLUID.

We are talking about the IPSIA “Pacinotti” in Pontedera (PI), which obtained the certification for Pneumatics, level 2.
Here are the school’s references for any specific requests on the courses:
Prof. Andrea Berselli – IPSIA “Pacinotti”, Pontedera (PI)
Tel 0587 21081; Fax 0587 210840 berselliandrea@gmail.com
The Institute is added to the other ten centres already certified in Italy. Furthermore, some more candidates have been recently certified by ASSOFLUID, in collaboration with some of the above-mentioned centres. Thus, more than 1,000 people hold CETOP certification.
These are certainly some more important steps that reward the work done, aimed at establishing an educational path, valid all over Europe. The goal is to certify the training of professionals based on both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
Certificates from these centres, as well as the candidates’ certificates, are valid in all countries whose national sector associations adhere to CETOP: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Holland, Poland , Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. The up-to-date list of candidates who obtained the CETOP certificate is available on the association’s website (www.assofluid.it).