Calculating Asymmetrical Toothings

The current KISSsoft version provides users with a range of different options for calculating and inputting asymmetrical toothings. Gears often only rotate in one direction, so the working flank is always the same flank. Creating asymmetrical toothing is a way of optimizing this working flank in a specific manner. The greatest advantage of using asymmetrical toothing is that this reduces Hertzian pressure on the flanks that are in contact with each other. The meshing conditions can be evaluated using contact analysis, and all the values for the flank contacts in the meshing under load can be determined accurately. This approach makes it easier to take a number of different aspects into account and calculate them (Module ZA7).
In the current release, asymmetrical toothing is still defined using pressure angle modifications. Thanks to the newly developed functions, a more extensive system for calculating asymmetrical toothing in the new beta versioni is offered. This is only one of a range of innovations and improvements of the new KISSsoft 03/2018 version which will be showcased at HMI 2018 in Hanover, Germany.