Bearings and reducers for asphalt production

South African Asphalt plant standardizes on ABB’s Dodge bearings and reducers. With 15 static plants, including the Pietermaritzburg (PMB) facility, Much Asphalt is South Africa’s largest commercial supplier of hot and cold asphalt products. With a goal of doubling PMB’s daily 720 ton production, plant management decided to upgrade the equipment, including the gearing and bearings on 14 different conveyors, drying drums and high-speed exhaust and blower fans. Namely, the ISN features the Trident triple lip sealing system proved to be very effective in protecting the bearing in dirty environments. Besides they are arrive in one piece, factory sealed and greased, and ready to install. The unique mounting system on the ISN bearing allows a lot of time to be saved during installation and offer the best sealing system. Dodge Quantis motorized shaft mount (MSM) gear reducers were also specified for the belt conveyor applications. The bushing system also makes it easy to remove the reducer if needed. This simple solution solves a major problem when removing other brands of reducers from the shaft, a problem that has caused a lot of downtime. Authorized Quantis build center, Super Armature Winders (SAW), provided the Quantis units packaged with ABB LV IEC motors.