Backlash-free gearboxes

ATTI is the Italian distributor of Melior Motion, a German company active in the high precision gearboxes sector. Melior Motion precision gearboxes are considered to be backlash-free with a backlash of ≤ 0.1 arcmin. They benefit from reliability of a patented solution for wear compensation, the backlash of the gearboxes remains unchanged over the entire service life. They have an accuracy and efficiency superior to the cycloidal gears and guarantee a longer life cycle: they have been designed to exceed 20,000 operating hours, helping extend the duration of each application while reducing costs. Melior Motion gearboxes are suitable for applications that require high precision and high efficiency at any speed: all the product range can be used wherever absolute precision, compactness and efficiency are required. The low backlash precision gearboxes achieve a particularly high power density thanks to multiple teeth engagement (sun gear, planetary gears and housing gear). The efficiency of > 90% and the extremely low breakaway torque ensure outstanding energy efficiency. Thanks to the high efficiency, the gearbox temperature remains unchanged at a particularly low level. For example, elastic seals, e.g. radial shaft seals have a significantly lower stress. The result is an impressive lifetime of 20,000 hours. At the same time, the low backlash precision gearbox is extremely quiet. The noise in the work environment is thus reduced. Not only quiet but also accurate, the design even works equally well in the range of small torques, ensuring high accuracy for small movements.