Augmented Reality and Virtualization at SAVE 2018

The HMI-IPC-SCADA, PLC-I/O and WIRELESS-NETWORKING Groups of ANIE Automazione will take stock of the technologies’ evolution to respond to current and future production needs. After decades of experimental use, the enormous progresses of digital technology have made possible the creation of an environment favorable to the widespread use of Augmented Reality and Virtualization in the industrial sectors. Their possible applications are many and potentially concern almost all the activities that take place inside the plants, from the core activities of production (simulation, validation and design of processes, environments and products) to the support processes, such as maintenance and training. The advantages of use translate into cost savings, ease of management and increased efficiency.
The conference entitled “Augmented Reality and Virtualization: technologies and application solutions for the industry of the future” aims to present the technological and application solutions of Augmented Reality and the Virtualization of control systems and networks designed to respond to current and future production needs triggered by new industrial paradigms. The event, organized by ANIE Automazione, will take place on October 17th during the next edition of SAVE (exhibition-conference on Solutions and Vertical Applications of Automation, Instrumentation, Sensors) scheduled in Verona on 17 – 18 October 2018.