ASSIOT Commissions at work

A meeting of ASSIOT Communication Commission wa held on March 6th. The results of the survey sent to member companies in order to present a promotional plan were discussed. Afterwards, the Commission decided to establish some working groups focused on some relevant areas as for the issue of communication, such as magazines, trade fairs, events, web portals and social media. The Administration and Finance Commission organized, in collaboration with ASSOFLUID, an event on March 14th dealing with the new tools for evaluating the market, monitoring customers and suppliers and optimizing credit management. The tools to profile new business partners or to get to know the situation of a customer or a supplier were discussed, as well as the actions to carry out in order to try to recover the insolvency without turning to a court. The participants were quite interesting in both topics. As a next step, the Associations will evaluate possible proposals for an agreement in favour of the member companies. The Economic Commission met on March 15th with the aim to analyze the sector data presented during the ASSIOT/ASSOFLUID Economic Day held on March 28th. Furthermore, the members of the Commission met some Unicredit officers to talk about financial solutions for member companies aimed at supporting the whole supply chain.