Appointment with Forum Software Industriale

The first edition of the Forum is on software solutions for industry, enabling technologies for the transition to Industry 4.0

The first edition of the Forum Software Industriale entitled “The evolution of software technologies in Industry 4.0” will be held at Museo Nazionale della Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan on February 6, 2019. The new business models of digital and the benefits arising from investment in a path of digitization converging on the paradigm of Industry 4.0 will be the focus of the debate.
The event, organized by ANIE Automazione in collaboration with Messe Frankfurt Italia, will be structured in vertical sessions dedicated to industrial software technologies in the various application areas. At the same time, a large exhibition space will allow a direct comparison with the main operators in the sector.

The topics of the event
The event will give visitors the opportunity to update themselves on the issues of convergence between “Operational Technologies” (OT) and “Information Technology” (IT).
The conference sessions will be an expression of the main technological solutions available for “smart manufacturing”, “virtual manufacturing”, augmented reality, connected and intelligent “smart components” and information security in industry. The speakers will be the spokespersons of the main companies that provide solutions for Industrial Software in Italy.
Practical cases will be presented that exemplify the digitization paths of production processes with considerations on data collection, which takes place thanks to intelligent sensors, their storage in the cloud, using modern ICT technologies and the extraction of relevant information through the so-called “analytics”. The topics related to the interconnection of machines and man-machine collaboration will then be addressed with the introduction of the concept of artificial intelligence in MES and MOM systems and the extension to “machine learning”. All the phases of the production process will be considered, from the design to the maintenance of the line and the machinery. In this context, the issue of augmented reality will also be dealt with, especially in relation to uses in the field of predictive maintenance.
The event will also deal with aspects related to changes in the corporate culture, due to a new approach to “data-driven type ”production that is changing the way data is collected at the level of shop-floor and that is influenced by the need to take into account the evolution in progress, increasingly requiring an interdisciplinary approach in a general logic of secure connectivity.
Finally, room will be given to the important issue of cyber-security in industry with interventions that will cover the protection of plants and components, as well as the protection of both the computer network and the cloud.

The schedule
The day schedule includes an opening work session, at 9.30, with the speech of the Councillor for Economic Development of the Lombardy Region. A comparison will follow on the point of view of IT and OT companies on the topics covered by the Forum with ANIE Industrial Software Working Group and Confindustria Digitale as protagonists. In conclusion, there will be the presentation of a model for estimating the ROI for an investment in industrial software by the University of Florence and Pisa e the Istituto Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa. The schedule also includes several technological speeches held by representatives of companies within the conference sessions. The day will end with a round table organized in collaboration with Digital360.
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