A washing tunnel for the pneumatic cylinders

Pneumax, the specialist in the field of pneumatic automation, has resorted to Dollmar Meccanica for the washing of its pneumatic cylinders, made of anodised aluminum and stainless steel. These cylinders require particular attention in the post-processing cleaning operation since the cylinder stem must be protected, while the outer jacket must not be stained or with anodization shade variation.
To achieve the objectives set by Pneumax, Dollmar has designed a washing tunnel with 4 cycles of spray washing and final drying.
The 14-meter long tunnel is equipped with a continuous stainless steel corrugated conveyor belt. The pieces to be washed, of different sizes, are placed in baskets or directly on the conveyor belt. The washing process does not impact on the anodisation, nor does it leave stains on the finished product. The entire annual production of about 5 million cylinders is washed in the tunnel produced and customized by Dollmar Meccanica.