A Few Words for Some Reflections on my Term of Office

by Marco Francesco Bocciolone, President of FEDERTEC

It was November last year when, outside a conference at Lecco’s Territorial Pole of Milan’s Polytechnic, Ms Galbiati mentioned the project of a merger between ASSIOT and ASSOFLUID in FEDERTEC and asked me whether I would agree to act as president during the transition necessary to formalize the new association.

I considered this project very interesting also on account of the direct knowledge of many companies, members of the two associations, available for common research and/or technological transfer activities. In a world which is increasingly multi- and interdisciplinary, bringing together in a single representation the world of transmissions, pneumatics and hydraulics can only have as a result the growth of technological potential, competence, knowledge and of the possibility of lobbying (in the positive meaning of the word!), necessary conditions to support competitiveness on the global market.
From a personal standpoint the suggestion also seemed extremely interesting as it provided me with the opportunity of discovering an insider’s view of the world of enterprises and to understand their dynamics better; the asset of Milan’s Politecnico is the relationship with companies, from micro-firms to large international groups: any occasion which leads to a greater reciprocal knowledge – not necessarily and exclusively in technical and scientific terms – can only result in added value to reach the full success of the activities where there is an ongoing partnership.
In consideration of this I accepted eagerly the proposal of the Presidents, Galbiati and Di Monte, knowing that in any case I would have been able to count on their experience and support.
As from March 22nd FEDERTEC has officially been founded and today we are on the eve of the General Assembley which will elect the President and will formalize the government bodies; this objective was reached because everyone was convinced of the goodness and necessity of the project, overcoming as a consequence all the inevitable critical issues which arise in an operation where different worlds merge to form a new entity.
I would like to end by thanking Presidents Assunta Galbiati and Domenico di Monte as well as all the members of the Managing Board who were determined and took up their responsibilities to reach the required result.